Welcome to the new 123Movies la website

Finding a good site to watch movies for free has become quite difficult these days, fortunately 123Movies Go Free can help you out. With site after site shutting down or getting blocked, many of the old favorites like gomovies123 or 123movies la are no longer accessible. But don’t worry, we have just the thing for you.


At this 123 movies alternative, you can watch all the new movies and the latest TV series in HD quality for free. What’s more, the site comes with a slew of exciting features that make your viewing experience a class above the rest.


Why 123Movies GO Free is The Best Streaming Website

There are many free movie streaming websites out there. Gomovies or Soap2day, for example, is an offshoot of the go movies websites that offer many of the same features. But whether you want to watch free movies online or relax on the couch binging your favorite TV series, we provide you the best experience, unmatched by any other website. How? Let’s find out.



Always Watch the Latest Content at 123MoviesGo

It is frustrating to go to your trusted streaming website to see that new show that has just hit the airwaves, only to discover that it hasn’t been uploaded yet. Or that award-winning movie all your friends were talking about.

Unlike other free movie websites like Soap2day, we update our catalog regularly, giving you access to the latest movies and TV shows on your fingertips. While the listing is already sorted by the release date, you can even select them by the Year from the handy drop-down menu.



The Highest Video Quality, Guaranteed

Tired of the grainy videos uploaded on putlocker and solarmovies? Well, you don’t need to settle for anything less than the best anymore.


Every movie and TV show uploaded to our collection is hosted at the highest possible video quality, so that you can enjoy watching your favorites in all their glory. We provide formats ranging from SD (480p) to Full HD (1080p) and even 4K Ultra HD. At no other site will you find such a variety of high-quality movies.


Lightning Fast Streaming Speeds

The biggest problem with sites like gostream and fmovies is the abysmally slow streaming and downloading speeds. It takes ages for a video to startup, and at frequently stutters at the highest picture quality, forcing you to stream it at lower settings for a smooth experience.


At 123movies however, we ensure that you always get the best streaming speeds – much faster than soap2day for example. No matter what video quality you choose to watch your videos on, you can enjoy it in one go without any buffering.



The Largest Collection of New Movies and TV Shows

Many of the free movie sites out there like Soap2day have a pretty limited collection of shows and videos, limited to only the most popular titles. That’s not the case here. Watch all the movies you like and more from our huge catalog, that is regularly updated with new titles that increase our already impressive collection.


There are very few TV series or movies that you wouldn’t find on our site, and at the highest video quality too.


You can search for movies alphabetically, by the year, or even by their genres, simply by selecting the option from the drop-down menus on the top. To watch TV series online for free, you have the option of going by individual episodes or entire seasons as well.



Watch the Top Rated Movies at 123 Movies Go Free

To help you choose quality content, we have an IMDB list of highly-rated movies. New movies or old, everything is sorted by their IMDB rankings on this list, allowing you to pick out the most critically acclaimed movies online directly.


And not just movies, TV shows have a separate IMDB list too, with the finest series on the top. There is also a separate Top Rated section that sorts the movies and shows based on popular reviews and ratings as well. This again is a unique feature of our app, as most websites have one or the other, but not both.


On 123 movies though, you can watch both the best movies by both the critics and the viewers by simply switching sections, best of all you can watch full movies online for free at the click of a button.



Follow the Trends

Want to find out what’s hot? No need to go to Google and search it out. We have a handy trending section that shows you just that, so you can jump right into the movies and TV shows that are popular right now.


And no other site has this feature. 123moviesgo, for example, has a ‘Featured’ and a ‘Random’ list, which isn’t that useful. But on our website, you can just click the Trending section to get a rundown on the most popular movies and shows on the site.


You can also select ‘Hot’ to see what the internet is going crazy over right now and jump onto the bandwagon yourself.



Clutter-Free Interface

So many video streaming websites that allows you to stream free movies online look like old school directories that are a nightmare to navigate. At 123 movies we have ensured that the quantity of available content does not translate into an ugly, hard to use website.


The app is clean, slick, and quite intuitive to use. All the options that you need are there but tucked away so that they do not scream together at your face.


On any other website, you are assaulted by a huge flicking banner at the top that imposes over the whole list, followed by hundreds of tiny icons jostling with each other. We, on the other hand, have painstakingly designed our website to look as neat and professional as possible.



Pick your Genre of Entertainment at 123Movies

Sometimes you don’t have a particular movie in mind. Sometimes you just want to scratch a particular itch, be it action, comedy, mystery or romance. But going through an alphabetical list of entries to pick out the matching genre is quite tedious, no?


That’s why we give you the option to directly choose the genre of your choice. Now, whenever you want something to scare you, just select the horror genre and get a list of all the scary movies sorted by their release dates. Or hit Sci-Fi and lose yourself in grand operas of spaceships and lightsabers.